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This site was developed for the benefit of all researchers who have some tie to Fryšava pod Zákovou horou, Moravia, Czech Republic. If your ancestors originated from Fryšava, please contact us and we'll post your information on the site. To get more background on Fryšava visit the General Information Page. For genealogical information go to the Genealogy Page. You'll find various scales of maps & satellite imagery, both old & new, on our Maps Page. Check out the Links Page for interesting links related to Fryšava.


Frysava Residents


Frysava - 1857 Census

Frysava - 1869 Census

Frysava - 1880 Census

Frysava - 1890 Census

Frysava - 1900 Census

Frysava - 1910 Census

Frysava - 1921 Census


Tri Studne - 1857 Census


Frysava Emigration to America



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