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Researching: HUMLÍČEK

Researching the surname Humlicek from Frysava.

Duane Humlicek - Posted 21 November 1999



Anna Schiller, Frysava, Moravia. Her Father was Rudolf Schiller of Cikanka, Bohemia, and her mother was Marie Pliska of Frysava. Marie Pliska's father and mother were Joseph Pliska and Vincencia Presler. The Schillers emigrated to Silver Lake, Minnesota. I both have Information, and of course need information.

Tim Rosenlof - Posted 24 March 1999



My Grandfather, Rudolph P. Basta (born 2.II.1881 - died 18.XII.1952) married Frances Sedlacek. My grandfather's father was Frank Basta (b 1849, d 1905), he married Mary Buckacek in Frysava. They had five children: Frank, Joseph, Mary, Emily (married Carl Goucher in USA resided in Omaha), and my grandfather. Frank and Mary Basta came to USA, 1st to Minnesota, then homesteaded 160 acres in Colfax County, Clarkson, Nebraska.

email: - Rudyburgh@aol.com - Posted 15 January 2003



I'm looking for information about my maternal ancestors and their descendants in, and around, Frysava. Specifically the following surnames and villages: Bukacek - in Frysava, Vrist & Kuklik; Humlicek & Slama - in Frysava; Ehrenberger - in Frysava & Trhonice.

email: - Paul Ptacek - frysava@yahoo.com - Posted 15 January 2003


Researching: ROUČKA, HAYEK (HAJEK)

I am researching Roucka and Hayek relatives that came from Frysava in 1905 and 1906 to the United States of America. Frank Roucka (b 17.XII.1856) and Anna Hayek came to Plattsmouth, Nebraska in 1906 following their second oldest son Joseph Roucka who arrived in Plattsmouth the previous year with a relative named Alois Smetana. Frank and Anna Roucka brought with them their children, Anna, Lilly, Joseph, Phillip, and Peter. Their oldest son, Frank Roucka (b ~1880) stayed in Frysava with his sweetheart. An aunt, Josephine Hayek, came with the family to America. If anyone has information regarding Roucka's or Hayek's from Frysava, please let me know.

email: - Rebecca White - whiter16@comcast.net - Posted 10 February 2004



My great grandfather, Tomas Kakac, was born in Vecov, 22.VIII.1838. He married Anna Popelka from Frysava and they lived in Frysava for one year after the marriage. My grandfather, Jan Kakac, was born in Vecov on 16.VII.1865. Other ancestors from Frysava include: Frantisek Sir who married Marie Stehlik on 27.XII.1795; Frantisek Radek who married Victorie Sir on 10.VII.1814; Jan Popelka who married Josefa Radek on 10.I.1837.

email: - Carroll Kakac  kakac29@yahoo.com - Posted 21 April 2004


Researching: MUSIL, BENEŠ
I am researching my great-grandparents Jan Musil b. 19 Nov 1836 in Frysava #86, son of Frantisek Musil b. 1801 and his wife Marie Sablikova b. 1803. Jan Musil married (circa 1863) Anna Benes b. 6 Dec 1837 in Dankovice, Moravia, daughter of Frantisek (Jan) Benes b. circa 1810 and Anna Veselska b. circa 1810. Three children were born to Jan Musil and Anna Benes in Frysava: Frantisek b: 16 Jul 1864; Maria/Mary b: 22 Dec 1870 in house #120, and Jan b: 7 March 1867 who died 24 Jun 1868 in Frysava.
Jan & Anna Musil with their two children Frantisek & Maria immigrated to the United States circa 1874 and settled on a farm near the town of Clarkson, Nebraska in Colfax County. Two more children were born in Nebraska: Anna b: 24 May 1877; and Josephine (my maternal grandmother) b: 2 April 1882.
Marriages of the Musil children: Frantisek/Frank Musil to Frances Kastanek m: 28 March 1885; Maria/Mary to Anton Hamernik m: 24 Sep 1889; Anna to Frank Mastny m: 12 Feb 1897 and to Josef Hamernik  m: 21 July 1908; Josephine to Josef Suchy m:21 April 1904 and Anton J. Hamernik m: 24 March 1915.
I would like to find information about the families of Jan Musil and Anna Benes and any relatives who might still be living today.
email: - JoAn Dvorak Ferguson  jnjferguson@cox.net - Posted 7 October 2007



The villages that encompass my research are: Kuklik, house # 65; Kadov, house #5; Konikov, house #28; Frysava, Samotin, house #14; Kratka, Blatiny, Krizanky, Ondranec, house #4; Rozinka, Kundratice, houses #21 & 37; Michov, Rozsochy, Domanin, Cikanka, house #1.

My earliest research goes back to 1662. It is all within the Nové Město area. Joseph and Antonie Vasik Stepan came to the US in 1893 settling in Pawnee County, DuBois, Nebraska. The name has remained the same with the exception of one descendant in Michigan who changed it to Stephan. Frank and Anna Vasik Stepan came to the US in 1891, also settling in the Pawnee County area. Frank and Joseph were brothers. Antonie and Anna were sisters.

email: - Mildred Buethe  milllierose@sbcglobal.net - Posted 26 May 2008



My great grandfather, Franz/František/Frank Swoboda was born in Frysava on 15 Nov 1839 to Philipp & Anna (Königsmark) Swoboda. Frank Swoboda married Maria Slama on 6 Nov 1864. Maria Slama was born to Jan & Josefa (Bukáček) Sláma on 25 Mar 1846 in Frysava. Frank & Maria Swoboda had several children in Frysava including: Antonie, Josefa (b. 29 May 1874), Anna (b. Jul 1876), Josef (b. 9 Nov 1877) & Filip (b. 21 Feb 1880). Frank Swoboda & Marie (Slama) Swoboda, came to America in 1888 with two young sons, Josef & Philipp.

email: - Don Swoboda   - Posted 4 November 2009


Researching: SIR (ŠÍR, SCHIER)

My grandmother, Josefa Sir, was born on 5 May 1871 in Frysava #79, Moravia. Her father was Jan Sir (b. 3 July 1838) in Frysava, Moravia, and her mother was Anna Slama (b. 1839 in Kadov, Moravia). Jan Sir’s father was Frantisek Sir and his mother was Frantiska Kosek. Anna Slama’s father was Tomas Slama from Kadov and Josepha Bohac from Kadov. Josefa Sir came to the US with her family around 1883 and settled in the Cleveland, OH, area. Family history says that Josefa’s parents were bakers and had a bakery in Moravia and in the Cleveland area. I am looking for any more information on my grandmother’s family and ancestry.

email: - Martha Mistr Steele  johnesteele@bellsouth.net - Posted 20 April 2010


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